The first goal for commercial and business customers is remediating unexpected major damaging events causing disruption of your business and destruction of your property through fire, water, and biohazards such as mold growth. Our certified cleaning technicians focus in disaster response is to evaluate the situation for board up, pack out with removal and storage of interior personal items, and immediately begin your restoration process. Your insurance provider will give approvals and inspect work upon completion. Our housekeeping and general cleaning are usually done under contractual maintenance agreements. Call us at (717) 825-0298. See our Certifications.

Disaster Restoration and Emergency

Your commercial property houses your business and trade. When it is impacted by disaster including fire, water, or mold damage, it can’t function well. You’ll need an experienced and industry certified group of seasoned cleaning professionals. CLEAN RX is fully insured and trained for massive cleaning and restoration required for these circumstances. We are available for emergency service response around the clock. Visit our Services Available page to view all of the services CLEAN RX provides.

Water Damage

Water and mold detection can be tricky if not readily seen by the human eye. A thermal imaging camera may be used to view behind walls, thus avoiding the necessity for making random puncture holes. Mold issues start out with water extraction removing all moisture. Then dehumidifiers capable of acting on oversized commercial areas are set in place. Damaged floors, walls, and ceilings are removed or treated and sealed to destroy mold colonies and other harmful organisms. We use applied antimicrobial solutions and sprays within containment areas to achieve a healthy environment once again.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire and smoke damage can shut down your business. It is likely your building will need boarding up to keep out intruders. It is also possible some of your belongings will need to be stored in a pack out container until all is restored. We provide those services while we remove burned areas and soot and then rebuild. We also use air scrubbers, ozone units, and various surface preparations that eliminate tainted air and destroy odors. Your furniture, office machines, and business effects will also be cleaned, repaired, or replaced as per guidelines of your insurance.

Mold and Biohazard

We are certified by IICRC to appropriately treat biohazard issues and conduct mold damage remediation. Your company must maintain a safe air quality and environment for your employees. Should you have mold growth, it will be detected, killed, and then appropriately sealed. Typically these infected zones are contained within temporary walls of plastic sheeting called containment areas. The area will be evaluated with thermal imaging cameras both inside and outside walls and hard to reach places. The dampness that caused your problem will be addressed to prevent mold regrowth. Your air will also be treated with air scrubbers and ozone units. Biohazards and human contaminants must be immediately abated. They are disinfected, removed, or destroyed. Any surface or material that can’t be absolved is replaced. Finally, your air must be tested and then methods are employed to return it to healthy standards. See our Certifications.

Business Office Cleaning

CLEAN RX provides you the opportunity to hire outside cleaning service to ensure your business always gives a good first impression to visiting customers. We offer commercial carpet cleaning and all types of floor care maintenance, including concrete cleaning. Should you require drapery or upholstery cleaning, our certified technicians can accomplish that. General housekeeping can also be arranged. Whether a small office or a huge commercial building, we are ready to meet your needs on a regular basis or for cleanups as needed.


Your employees anticipate clean floors, emptied trash cans, interior window cleaning, and organized work areas. Common areas like bathrooms, reception, and cafeteria will be disinfected and free of stains, odors, and clutter. Get those dingy draperies and upholstered furniture cleaned for a renewed appearance.

Outdoor Areas

We remove graffiti, gum, and stains from outside areas with power washing. Let us make your exterior welcoming by washing siding and exterior finishes including roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and sidewalk washing. We do outdoor window washing as well.


Your clean restrooms will be sparkling, and your cafeteria will be scrubbed until pristine. All areas are dusted, and floors vacuumed with stain and odor control a priority. Carpets, Oriental rugs, and delicate textiles will be spot treated and then thoroughly cleaned. We even empty your trash and vacuum draperies and upholstery.

Our staff tidies your business as if it was your home paying attention to the details that your employees and customers appreciate. Our experienced technicians are background checked and certified so you can trust our quality of work and anticipate your personal effects to be safe.

Hotels and Apartments and Living Units

If your business consists of living areas for customers, you will want to keep a tidy appearance and maintain a healthy environment. When tenants or guests leave, the property should be cleaned and prepared for new residents.


The first impression of your business is when the customer enters your property. You’ll want your windows crystal clear, floors flawless and without stain, immaculate rest rooms, and everything in a clean and orderly fashion.

Theaters and Entertainment

Your customers wish to enjoy themselves in a time of fun and relaxation. When your property is clean, organized, and odor free, they’ll keep coming back. Let CLEAN RX maintain your business at impressive levels.

Schools, Salons, Churches, Libraries, Gyms, Meeting Places

Naturally, there are local ordinances expressing requirements for all publicly used buildings. Call us to augment your efforts in keeping a fresh and clean space that adheres to these standards. Whether it is a general cleaning or an unusual project, we are here to serve you.

Production and Assembly Plants

Even when your customers do not see your place of business, your employees and state inspectors do. CLEAN RX cleans concrete floors and cinder block walls as well as dry walls. Your facility will shine from restrooms to the cafeteria, to work areas. And we’ll inform you of what you must do to meet all ordinances. Scheduled routine maintenance is a must for large commercial plants.

Hospital, Senior Home, and Medical Areas

In an establishment where medical procedures, testing, or pharmaceuticals are produced, there is the need for sterility. Our team understands “sterile technique” cleaning and how to execute it. Everything from sterile protective uniforms, face respirators or masks, and special equipment are used to accomplish the tasks without risk of contamination. Our carefully selected team performs with a respectfully unobtrusive attitude. We also clean customary items such as floors, walls, and furnishings in these areas requiring extra caution for patients, staff, and visitors.

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IICRC - Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification IEHA -  International Executive Housekeepers Association, Inc.

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